Norchuk Supply Company

Manufacturers We Represent

TOOLING – Indexable, Round, Holding, etc.

Acme Industrial – Drill Bushings
ADF Systems – Parts and Pressure Washers

All American – Bushings and Work Holding
Award Cutter – HSS and Carbide Tapered Endmills
Boneham Metal Products – Drill Bushings and Dowel Pins
Brush Research – Flex Hones and Brushes

CGC - HP Gorilla Mills & Drills
Daco – Chuck Jaws and Accessories
Devlieg/Microbore – Boring Tools and Specials
Dikar - PCD & CBN Tooling
Dorian Tool – Indexable, Knurling, and Machine Tool Accessories
Emuge – High Performace Taps
E-Z Burr – Deburring Tools
Global CNC – CNC Lathe Tooling

GKI Cutting Tools – Indexable Repair and Reconditioning
Grobet - Files
Hannibal Carbide – CT and SC Round Tools
Hayden Twist Drill – Heavy Duty and Extra Length Drills
HTC Carbide – Solid Carbide Round Tools
Huron Machine Products – Chuck Jaws and Accessories
Imco – High Performance Round Tools

J&M Machine – Retention Knobs
Keo Cutter – HSS Center and Spotting Drills
Kaiser Thin-Bit – Indexable Tooling
Lempco – Die Sets, Springs, and Components
Lexington Cutter – CT and SC Round Tools
Link Industries – HSS and Carbide Centerdrills
Loc-Line – Coolant Hoses
Lyndex Nikken – High Quality Toolholders
Metalloid - Coolants and Metalworking Fluids
Metcut – Spade Blades and Reamers
Milwakee/Pferd – Brushes, Abrasives, Burrs, and Files
Mitutoyo – Precision Measuring Instruments
Moon Cutter- Keyseat Cutters and Slitting Saws
Morse Cutting Tools – HSS and SC Round Tools
Muskegon Tool – Custom Tooling
Niagara Cutter – HSS and SC Round Tools
NSK America – Precision Hand and Power Tools
NTK – Ceramic Inserts
Precision Components – Tool Holders and Mill Extensions
Precision Tool – Custom Cutting and Form Tools
Precision Dormer/Union Butterfield – HSS and SC Drills, Taps, and Endmills

Promax – High Performance SC Cutting Tools
Quinco – HSS and Cobalt Endmills
Regal Cutting Tools – HSS and Carbide Taps
Retention Knob Supply – Retention Knobs/Pull Studs
Richter Precision - Coatings
Riten – Live and Dead Centers
Royal Products – Drill Feeds, Adaptor Plates, Machine Mounts, and Centers
Sandvik Coromant – High Performance Indexable and Solid Carbide Cutting Tools
Scully Jones – Tapping and Reaming Systems and Tap Adaptors
Severance Tool – HSS and SC Round Tools
Siem Tool – Custom Carbide Tooling
Sowa Tool – Toolholders, Collets, Vises, Clamps
Stor-Loc - Tool Storage, Work Stations, Cabinets and More
Synthetic Lubricants – High Performance Metal Working Fluids
Taurus Tool – Custom Carbide and CT Round Tools
Techniks – Toolholders, Collets, Shell Mill Arbors, and Shrink-Fit Machines
Techleader – CNC Toolholding and Workholding
Threadmills USA – Carbide Threadmills
Tool Flo – Indexable Cutting Tools
Towerleaf – Band Saw Blades

Ultradex – Indexable Cutting Tools and Toolholding
Unibor – Universal Drilling and Cutting Equipment
Vega Tool – High Performance Taps
Vermont Gage – Precision Measuring Fixed Limit Gages

Weber Grinding – Round Tool Specials and Alterations
Whitney Tool – HSS and SC Milling Cutters
XLN – Carbide Round Tools
Yankee – Standard and Special Reamers

Zenit – Indexable Cutting Tools

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